Essential Add-Ons to Your Mudding Truck

July 9, 2015 // 0 Comments

Mudding is some serious fun when you have the right truck, gear and accessories all up in your grille or down south where it counts – your tires. The first thing to think about when upgrading your mudding truck is cost vs benefit. We all know the sky is the limit when upgrading any vehicle and mudding trucks have plenty of room for cool toys and add-ons. And of course your must haves like winches, big tires and a cute fuzzy ducky to dangle from your mirror. All kidding aside below we list a few must haves and want to haves for you to consider adding on to your rig. 1. Tires, Tires, [...]

Why Cars Are So Important

May 30, 2015 // 0 Comments

The word car probably evolved from the word “carriage” which was shortened to car. The word motor cars was widely used in the 1890’s for electrical trams, but 1886 is considered to be the birth of the modern car, as Karl Benz of Germany built the first car with a motor in it. The car was expensive and hard to find until the 20th century when Henry Ford and others developed a means of mass production by using interchangeable parts that were put together along a production line. This enabled the new mobile vehicles to be priced at an amount that people could afford, and the [...]